Beach Lightroom Preset Package (MOBILE)

Beach Lightroom Preset Package (MOBILE)


This package come with 10 Lightroom presets. I created these Lightroom presets for the beach photoshoots I will be doing this summer! These are prefect for cloudy days, super sunny days and even sunsets!

Mobile versions of each preset are included, you can use them on your phone with the FREE Lightroom app and you don’t need a Lightroom subscription to use them! Want to know more about using mobile Lightroom presets? Here’s a video explaining how to use them on your phone!

Download the presets with your laptop or use the download link sent to your email and open with your phone. If you download on your laptop you can either send them to your phone via Airdrop, iCloud Drive, DropBox, or via email. I find Airdrop works best. Or, you can just use the files sent directly to your email!

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