The Photographers Playbook

For the next few months I will be blogging my way through The Photographer's Playbook. This is a great book if you are having trouble thinking of photo shoot ideas and concepts, or if you are just in a creative slump. 

I will post the weeks assignment on Mondays, and my thoughts on it. On Fridays I will be posting my results for that week, what my process was, and how I think it turned out. I hope you guys will like this blog series!

So for this week I will be tackling page 21 of The Photographers Playbook;

Adam Bell - Failing to Succeed

"At the heart of art is failure. Fail often and fail hard, The time and the space to fail are both precious and both precious commodities, especially for artists trapped within the indentured servitude at art school debt or recovering from its wake. With so little time and so much money on the line, this may seem like an impossibly tall order. But you may just have to give yourself permission and ignore your instincts."

"Take a picture you think, or know, won't work. Try a genre or subject you dislike that scares you. Turn your photo into a painting, a performance, or a sculpture, or vice versa. Take a picture you don't recognize. After all, what you think might work might not for too long. Maybe it never did."

Failure is something I have always feared with my photography, being worried that it won't turn out good, or that people won't get what I tired to portray. Scenic photographer hasn't really interested me and honestly I haven't really tried it so this might be a good chance to do that with this assignment!

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